What is it?

Robot_Toon-48RadioK12 is a unique curriculum or after school based program that connects students with the power of online radio broadcasting!

The industry of radio and internet based broadcasting is a growing career field that many who love music are choosing to pursue. The RadioK12 Mobile Broadcast program brings the resources of internet based radio broadcasting to your students in a local and tangible way.

RadioK12 broadcasting gives your students professional broadcast training, but also brings the advantages of growing lifelong essential personal character  skills such as time management, decision making, and boosting self-esteem, all while having a great time!

RadioK12 provides students with a supervised online broadcasting radio station where they are encouraged to broadcast school news, announcements, and sporting events to their very own audience, who listens through the school website or accompanying RadioK12 school based user friendly mobile app.

RadioK12 also allows students who have a passion for music to obtain first hand experiences of working in a music based career that is beyond “being the star”. Radio Broadcasting careers  are growing in popularity and now expand into several genres including Talk, News, Sports, and More.

RadioK12 Mobile Broadcasting Units are all inclusive and include everything that students need to broadcast their own shows every day or every week! Professional microphones, a 10 channel mixer, headphones, Programming Software, and a High Quality Streaming PC is included with every RadioK12 order.

Intimidated by the technology? Don’t be! RadioK12 Administrative Controls have built in student access limitations and certain administration only privileges, including sending Push Notifications mobile text alerts and reminders to both students and parents alike for any important announcement.

Low Maintenance, 24/7 Technical Support Training Tools, and Online Video Tutorials keeps your RadioK12 station broadcasting without a hitch, and help is always a breeze! Our team of Radio K12 professional support technicians are always standing by and ready to assist you should the need arise.

RadioK12 is the program that makes the most impact AND makes the most sense!

The time is now  – and the students are ready!

Give your school the bountiful resource of a RadioK12 Online Radio Station today!