Q. Do I need professional broadcasting experience to launch a radio station at my school?

A. Although it helps to be familiar with radio broadcasting, a professional degree or training in radio is not required to host a RadioK12 program.

Q. How do you offer ongoing technical support?

A. RadioK12 provides professional training and basic online support for all schools and students. Many schools have chosen to also have a teacher or local volunteer help managed this program which is traditionally ran as a part of the schools’ after school program and/or extra-curricular activities.

Q.  Are there any additional fees beyond the program fee that we should prepare for?

A.  If your school wants to play music that is has not produced a streaming license is necessary. The average annual cost for a streaming license may vary depending on the number of users & listeners. Please contact a RadioK12 sales representative at 1-888-801-1563 x1 for a more precise quote.

Hosting fees are billed on an annual basis and new purchase/service orders would be required to continue the RadioK12 program each service year.

This program provides excellent opportunities for students to learn the power of using their voice and critical thinking skills!